A startup accelerator on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Small Towns. Big Ideas.

Small towns aren't typically seen as launchpads for tech startups.

But with a bit of creativity, “Silicon Valley” tech and midwestern ingenuity, we are bringing big ideas to life in small towns.

Founded in a small resort community on the shores of Lake Michigan, we like to describe ourselves as a bit of summer camp for startups, only with fewer bug bites. Each summer we'll invite 5-10 tech startups to be a part of our mentorship-driven accelerator program.

Work out of our space, connect with our world-class mentors, and build awesome products that solve real problems. Our goal is to bring together talented and creative people and create an environment where big ideas come to life.

Do you want to spend the summer in an idyllic summer resort community focusing on nothing but building an awesome product that people love?

  • Money

    $25,000 for 6% equity

  • Mentors

    65+ Mentors - One-on-one time with some of the best talent in the industry.

  • Perks

    12 Weeks of free housing + a spot in our Lab and over $200,000 in perks



Coolhouse Labs is based in Harbor Springs, a small resort community in Northern Michigan. For generations, families from all across the Midwest would pack up their cars at the beginning of each summer and make the trek north to our little hamlet on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Harbor Springs is the quintessential small town: everyone knows everyone, relationships matter, and residents have a deep sense of loyalty to the community.

But unlike other small towns we have a lot to offer to a startup looking to get a big idea off the ground.

  • Capital

    Simply put, our community has $30 - $40 billion in family wealth within a ten mile radius of downtown Harbor Springs.

  • Entrepreneurs

    We may be one of the only small towns that can safely claim to be the home of multiple generations of successful entrepreneurs and executives.

  • Harbor Springs

    From bowling down Main Street to the 4th of July Parade, the heart of our community is our small downtown filled with small businesses and summer activity.

Eventbrite - Coolhouse Labs Demo Day 2014